Moving Things Lyrics

504 Boyz Lyrics

Baby baby get up what?
You'e already late for work
What time is it? Its 10 30
Oh yeah I forgot tonight, I'm working the graveyard

I know my man is moving things
9 to 5 baby, I got a job baby
I hope one day my n***a change
All the time baby I'm on the grind baby

I keeps that 9 in my drawers cuz you know I like to ball
N***a I ain't Warren G, but sometimes I want it all
Flip a half into a whole, I mean an ounce into a brick
Get it for sixteen five, me and my n***as gonna be rich
Put them 20's on my Benz so you know I got so mens
Keep your eyes on your enemies and n***a watch your friends
See in this game you get schisted I get some n***as that don't like me
See the Ghettos trying to kill me, and the feds wanna indict me
On a murder I didn't do, I'm still thuggin with the crew
Because once you snitch then you threw but if u hustle then you true
Would you live for this sh*t? would you die for the click?
Sell your soul to get rich and run your mouth like a b*t*h


N***a we hustle the streets so lets f**k the police
My enemies don't want to see a n***a up on his feet
I got the chrome for the haters and burbs on the table
Give my life for my n***as and we splittin the paper
They say thuggin is the secret that help a n***a fall
OZ's flippin quickly to see we never fall
The grind got us strapped with 9's on our lap
The crime is a trap chop dimes of crack
Hennesy got your mind if you slip you might die
Penitentiaries give us time I'm fighting for mine
If I die in this game send my soul to God
I'm making mine in this game even though it's so hard

Yo baby, guess who stopped by today? who? guess?
Your sister came from California? mnn mnnnn
I ain't got time for all this guessin I just got home from work
Come on I want you to guess, we gonna play a game
Your auntee from Jersey? mnn mnn, wrong again
Who? The mother f**king ATF that's who?
What? yes you know what I'm saying
What, you running them games on me?
You let them in the house?
Hell ya what am I supposed to do I didn't know what to do
They wanted to search the house and if they find some
Mother f**king dope in here they are gonna take my children
Away and I can't be having that sh*t. Man, slow down, slow down
Slow down? slow down? ima slow down, ima slow down
You know what? I'm tired of this sh*t and another thing
I called your mother f**king work today and guess what they told me
You haven't been to work in the last 6 months
Now what you been doing huh?
How the f**k you think you get all this sh*t you have?
I don't know how I get it. you tell me that's what I want to know
You don't want it? Tell me where you get it from
Don't play with me you know what happening
Hmm hmm I know what's happening. you know what?
I don't want this sh*t. F**k it all. F**k it all

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