Most Hated Guys Lyrics

12World Lyrics

Let me make this straight
Dem boy dont pose no threat they're internet brave
We really pull up and shave
Have man pushing their f**king mates
Showing bare batty like gays
B*t*h boy pull up your pants and skate
Can't chat bout we are you f**king mad

And if it ain't World or O then you know that we can't relate
Mish mash fly birds then swerve the M way
14 packs get cleared just everyday
Bad b*t*h love bank transfers you know that she earns her pay
Gyal too giddy what can i say
I used to f**k one ting from Grove on estate
Golden one love buss on her face
Rounded back of course it got laid then grip on my shh shh
Bad gyal my chargie
So of course she gotta keep my f**king gun safe
And let me get this straight
Me and dem boy there ain't the same so
Stay the f**k out my lane or
Flicky can hit your face
One hand on hip when I lurk on strips
Like anyone can meet this blade
1 2 step 12O in hand when i enter raves
15 on my hip you nuh wan act brave
And yes its unclipped counter equipped
125 4 double O
Or a hootsie whip
Hop out dont pull up all of them boy there take off quick
I remember when me and shh and shh and shh
Try take that strip
Jump out gang on the mains like f**k it you best run quick
Like you best do forrest gump cause
If I catch up your done
Thats blade in and out mans lung
Grip then twist get you bludclart tun
Grip then twist get you bloodlcart tun

Man know that I never lack
Big long tools man itch it in backs
Man got finessed with pack
Ha ha ha ain't running that back
Last time I saw him my man got splashed
Them boy there ain't on jack
Like how many times have they dashed

One man up them boy get off
Man I diligent step on blocks
Right now I'm just tryna see prof
But I ain't tryna get locked
How many times have we took them trips
How many times have I been in whips
How many times has man been dipped
How many times you had things on hips?
Bare opps dem be wanting me dead
Opp thots there be giving us head
I ain't tryna dip my man in his leg
My bro K puts nanks in heads
Mom asking “Yo where's my son?”
I been OT grinding for the funds
If you want beef yo it can get long
But I guarantee my g you'll run

Oh RB is it
Man i just back out my ting and spin it
No fidget fidget
Man I just itch it man

Don't take violate so no dissings
Free all the opps in prison
When they touch road same day

If I get locked no coming no come they dont know who did it
I was with bae just netflix chilling
Should of saw the fed just grinning
Sh*t den this case I'm winning
These men don't run at who man see fly off like pigeons
How you gonna say you do juj when shh shh done that dipping
Blood all over the p man got dripping
Came with 20 still ran from 2 you man ain't on drillings
Came with 20 still ran from 2 you man ain't on drillings

3 double O for the ree
Man get a man down for free
You say your onto the p
Like what are you smoking b
Grab that and hold this weed
Jump in the whip tryna mould these neeks
Multiple times man made man flee
My man skinny he ain't got no tree
Any opp i'll buck its peak
F**k off bud just coming all sweet
Young boy got - had to leak
How could you chat about we
Primark clothes got left on the p
How could you chat about we
Primark clothes got left on the p
Dipped n out like tea and biscuits
Man I got like pounds like misfit
Dem boy swing but they just love missing
Too many times mans my sam got christened
Stay in your yard dem boy don't listen
Who gon' be the next victim
We're just tryna catch an opp boy slipping
We're just tryna catch an opp boy slipping

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