Mortem Lyrics

?renzo (VHS) Lyrics

I don't need you, f**k you and your livelihood
I'm a loner b*t*h, so life is good
One gram of the god damn ram
Shoot it up quick
Get the blood on my hands
Death all around like life in the city
All gettin brain just one in a milli
Silly a** b*t*h, you ain't got no plans
You don't have no goals, and you got no fans
Devil on my wrist like a weak a** watch
You don't get that line, then it ain't your fault
I don't like rap, rap is a waste of time
I don't like my lines, just watch
All I do is just stay inside like a good boy does
F**k this struggle, n***a, gimme that Glock
Night night world, f**k you b*t*h
Dank as hell and my mind just swerved

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