More Bounce Lyrics

2-Tone Lyrics

More Bounce To The Ounce
LBC's In The Muthaf**ken House
Me & My Boy T-Nut Bout To Go & Smoke A Ounce
All The Gangstas In The Building
They Know How I Get Around
Get Some Wraps, Put Some Weed In It
My Girl Is Never Jealous, Man She G With It
47 Deep Is How I'm Rollin'
Don't Brag About Your Money, Get It Stolen
Cornuta The Block, My Homies Peeled Out
My Homie Dro Is Out, Sh*t Is Real Now
Tatted In The Face, Is How I Feel Now
All You Wack A** Rappers Getting Killed Now
THC Got Me Feeling In My Zone
All Alone Getting Stoned
2Tone Got The Chrome
This For My Homie Krypto Out In Pacoima
Muthaf**kas Knowin' How I Do In California

You B*t*hes Wanna F**k With My Homies
B*t*hes Wanna F**k With The Homies
Ain't No B*t*hes Too Good For The Homies
B*t*hes Wanna F**k With My Homies

More Bounce To The Ounce
Bout To Show These Young Homies
What This Life All About
South Gate Boys
Yo We So Above The Clouds
Been Sucio Since I Sold G That First Pound
And Uh, L.A. City Stay Bouncin'
Pull The Baddest B*t*hes
And They T**ties Stay Bouncing
Talk Dirty To Me, Let Me Feel Whats In That Blouse
Hittin' Up Chile Sauce, Bring A Blunt Up To The House

Cause 2Tone Got That Real
You Down With My Squad
Then Show Me How You Feel
So F**ken Loud, Like You Want Us To Kill
Another Day, Another Dollar, Just Another Drug Deal
That AK47 Pays Me, Got Bad B*t*hes Going Crazy
Call Me Big Pappa Like Baby, Baby
If You Smoke A Gang Of Weed, Lets Blaze It

I Blow Clouds Everywhere
All My Young Homies Throw Your Hands In The Air
My Whole Click Stay Bossin'
My Lil Homies Comin' From The Streets In Slauson
Thats Really Dope
See I'm Smokin On Some Sh*t That You Will Never Smoke
And You Know I Gotta Do It For My City Bro
My Homies Chuckin' Up The Hood In The Front Row
Aye, More Bounce To The Ounce
See The B*t*h That I'm With
Make It Bounce On The Couch
She High In The Clouds
With A Blunt In Her Mouth
Yeah I Already Know What I'm About

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