Mill Inna Month Lyrics

X-man Lyrics

970 man
Yo my name is J9, made a Mill Inna Month
So don't waste my Tiime
I Party All Night gotta stay on my grind
Dis is my life, my diamonds always shine, yea
Ok Back It Up, dis is my life so I pour it in Da cup
Yea, yea, made a Mill Inna Month I'm jus sayin
970 you know I'm never playin'
Yea dats what I'm sayin', yea ok
Back It Up, Back It Up, for me
Aye wit Lil Lil' Chico

I come from Puerto Rico
I talk about money, Mill Inna Month
I am staton' on my grind
Cuz my name is Lil' Chico, and I'm not J9
Cuz your not staying on my grind, cuz you are rhyne

Aye I gotta stay on my grind
I gotta Make Dat Money, make it all Da Tiime
I'm Counting The Dayz ion care what you say
I'm Counting Dat Money inna Mill Inna Month
Yea, aye this is how we do
970 we ion care 'bout you
Made a Mill Inna Month
How 'bout chu, you make a dollar Inna day
BooBoo, aye
Lil' Chico, yea everyday man
We make a Mill Inna Month
Dis is my life, and we is tough, yea

Yea Money In Da Air, I don't care as long as Money In Da Air
Cuz you throw your hands in Da air
You don't care any day
Cuz you are not dat gay
Any day I can't come here, cuz you are here
And you can't ever say, I'm stayin on my grind I rhyme
Cuz I am not J9, I'm Lil' Chico
And I come from Puerto Rico
Dis is what I say, and I'm staying on my grind

Ayee, made a Mill Inna Month
Dis is my life and I am tough, man
You gotta problem wit me?
Ask no questions, I let the money talk for me, aye
Aye, Aye, make a Mill Inna Month
Make it everyday, aye
Yea and I spend dat money
On my diamonds and my money, and gold and stuff, yea
Aye, everyday, I Make Dat Money
I Party All Night man, and I'm Counting The Dayz
Every single day, aye
Lil' Chico is Making Dat Money every single day
You know what I'm sayin X2
Made a Mill Inna Month, nah I'm not playin'

J9 Back It Up, cuz you have a truck

Ayeee, 970 man everyday

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