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According to Beabadoobee, “their worth” in the poetry of the youthful world revolves around sexual experiences and temptations. And yes, he comes across as someone who isn’t quite sure about his love life. Or watch him in between, the audience is someone he’s intrigued by but at the same time genuinely trying to engage with.

Eventually, “he doesn’t think it’s worth it” because he really took on that particular person.

So definitely yes, the reader actually feels the audience and is tempted to engage with them physically. In fact, he’s so intrigued that in the name of self-control he thinks it’s better not even to be friends with him because he doesn’t want to do anything romantic with him that he’ll eventually regret.

Beabadoobee talks about “its worth”

Below are Beabadoobee’s exact words on the meaning of “worth it”:


Overall, “Teenage Betrayal” seems to be the heart of the song.

Juvenile Betrayal

Infidelity can be described simply as being unfaithful in a relationship. While it’s a problem in every sense, it gets very topical when it comes to teenagers. Those affected are more likely to suffer psychological damage, which can lead them to lose trust in their partner and also to feel betrayed.

Most teenagers have trouble dealing with infidelity in their relationships. While many have rightly criticized this act, it would be unfair to sit down and condemn the person outright. Yes, it’s always difficult to defend a teen who is in love with two or more partners, but there may be a reason he or she chose this path. Studies have shown that when people cheat in a relationship, there are one or more reasons why they do so. According to research, anger or revenge, loss of love, and unmet needs are some of the reasons people cheat in a relationship.

However, most of these young people cannot be blamed simply because their parents find it difficult to even talk to them about it. We believe that most youth who engage in this practice do not really understand their actions. Parents need to involve their children and teach them how to manage their relationships as they begin to find a partner.

When did beabadoobee release “Its Value”?

In September 2020. He released it as the third official single from his album “Fake It Flowers”.

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