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As the title suggests (“The Worst Is Yet To Come”), the song is based on a singer who believes in some kind of imminent misery. As lead singer Jonathan Davis explained in his own words and in the second verse, he didn’t feel like he was predicting or worrying about any particular event. Instead, what we are dealing with here is a sentiment based on the common understanding that life tends to bring us unhappiness at the same time.

So coming back to Jonathan’s explanation, it’s as if we’re caught in a perpetual cycle of peace balanced by misery. While the reader may not be amiss at the moment, inside he is still concerned about this tumultuous outlook on life.



The narrator is the kind of person who constantly feels that bad luck or bad luck is an inevitable part of life, who is always lurking to show people their ugly face. Hence the title of the song (“The worst is yet to come”).

“The worst is yet to come”

On April 12, 2022, Loma Vista Records released this as the fourth single from Korn’s LP, Requiem, which marks the fourteenth studio album in their catalog. This song is also the ninth and last song in the default playlist of the said album.

Other singles born with “Requiem” include:

  • “Lost in Greatness”
  • “Forgotten”
  • “Beginning of Healing”

The music video for this track was made through the collaborative efforts of the directors of the following music video:

  • Culley Bunker
  • Craig Bernard.

This song was written by members of Korn. So we have a list of write permissions like this:

  • Jonathan Davis
  • James Schaefer
  • Brian Welch
  • Reggie Arviso
  • Ray Loser

As a unit, the band also co-produced the song with Chris Collier.

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