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Breaking a person’s heart, in the most popular usage of the term and in the song’s lyrics, refers to the idea that the person has been briefly, informally, discarded by their loved one. As the title of the song (“Un-Break My Heart”) suggests, the singer asks that the man she loves leave and leave. In fact, without him, he presents himself as an emotional destroyer, while his current situation is a direct result of his departure. And the only way his heart can heal is for viewers to come back and undo the pain they caused him by abandoning him from the start.


Summary: Tony Berxton asks a divorced lover to come back and “break his heart”

Facts about “Un-Break My Heart”

The song was released on October 21, 1996 as the second single from Tony Berxton’s second album Secrets. And the label that released it is LaFace Records.

“Un-Break My Heart” was written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. Tony played no role in its composition.

According to the song’s story, Tony didn’t like it at first. At the behest of label chairman L.A. Reid, he recorded it anyway. And finally this song turned out to be one of his special songs and his biggest hit from the album “Secrets”.

For example, he won #1 in his native America (Billboard Hot 100). It also topped several other Billboard charts, as well as the UK R&B chart and the Eurochart Hot 100. As if that wasn’t enough, a handful of other countries topped the music charts.

and generally appeared in more than 25 countries. It was certified double platinum in Norway and platinum in many other countries.

Interestingly, Shannis, a 1990s singer, performed backing tracks for the song alongside Berxton. Shannis is best known for the song “I Love Your Smile,” which she left in 1991.

Did “Un-Break My Heart” win a Grammy Award?

Yes. In 1997, the #1 song won a Grammy Award for Berxton in “Best Female Pop Performance.” When she won the award, she beat many classics, including Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’.

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