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Justin Bieber’s “That’s What Love Is” is a love song because the audience is the singer’s romantic interest. Therefore, a good percentage of his words are aimed at bathing him with love. But the song’s title and chorus show that Justin actually defines “what love is,” as he found out through that relationship.

And there are three main characteristics of “love” that he emphasizes. First, his ability to sense his presence even when he’s not there. Second, he really doesn’t want any company other than his own. And finally, his feelings for her make him a humble person.

Ultimately, the purpose of this song is to highlight the profound and transformative impact that falling in love can have on someone’s life.


Facts about “What is love”

Bear Poe produced and wrote this song as did Sasha Sirota.

and other authors are Bieber and Courtney Sales.

“That’s What Love Is” was released on Valentine’s Day 2020 (February 14, 2020) by Def Jam Records. This is part of Bieber’s 2020 album entitled Changes.

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