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Kula Shaker Lyrics

Of course, “Kula Shaker” is a very unusual name for a group in the UK. This name is essentially derived from Hinduism. Singer and original founder Christian Mills embarked on a spiritual quest in India that profoundly influenced his art. And since “Tattva” is one of the first songs in the band’s catalogue, this belief system influenced their lyrics as well.

So with that in mind, it’s not easy to understand the lyrics of this song, especially as far as the third part is concerned. But as for the title/anthem group, the singer seems to be talking about a concept like the unimaginable world, if you will. In fact, it can be said that this song is more philosophical than religious or spiritual. And in terms of verse, that’s what the narrator seems to do when the “truth” of the vastness of reality finally hits you in a way you don’t expect.

Ultimately, this is the song where the listener can choose to decipher all that is at stake. But as one analyst points out, in the group’s early years, Cola Shaker was similar to the Beatles and others going through certain phases under the influence of Eastern mysticism. And given the incomprehensibility of the lyrics, one has to assume that this song exploded when it was said because of its louder sound.


Cola shaker

Kula Shaker is an originally very successful London rock band. For example, the band’s first LP, “K” (1996), topped the UK Albums Chart. But since the turn of the century, music charts have been almost unkind to them. However, the group remains as of this writing.

Three of its members who participated in “Tattva” – vocalist C. Mills, bassist Alonza Bievan and drummer Paul Winterhart – are left out for the purpose. And when the song was removed, keyboardist Jay Darlington joined them.


Kula Shaker released Tattva on June 24, 1996.

This song (or more specifically, its Lucky 13 mix) served as the aforementioned “K” original single, making it the first song in Kola Shaker’s discography. The entire project is a product of Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

“Tattva” is also known as one of the most influential songs in the band’s catalogue, peaking at a solid fourth in the UK Singles Chart.

There are two official music videos for this song, each designed for European and American audiences.

Writing “Tattva” is credited to the quartet of musicians who formed The Cola Shaker at the time of its release. It was produced by John Lakey, who was one of the game’s top names in the mid-1990s.

Album “K”

“K” was released on September 16, 1996 by Kula Shaker, a rock band from Great Britain. This album was released as her first studio album.

Record maker John Lucky, Shep & Dodge and Crispian Mills produced it.

Columbia Records was responsible for the release of the album.

In the United States, “K” sold more than 130,000 copies in its first week of release and peaked at number 200 on the Billboard 200. However, it topped the UK OCC and received a double platinum certification. There is a BPI. The album also had an enviable performance in Canada, where it was at the peak of the OCC.

In Colin Larkin’s book The Top 1000 Albums of All Time, published in 2000, “K” was ranked 879th.

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