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Along with love and what you have, self-help seems to be one of the more enduring themes in the music industry. And so it is with the “healing” referred to by the reader in Korn’s “Beginning of Healing.” As mentioned on the counter, “healing” is synonymous with his struggle with inner negativity and more specifically “anger”.

In addition, he advises the audience, the general audience, to do the same, such as “Break the pain and start healing.”

Of course, these two statements are very vague. But “pain,” as mentioned earlier, corresponds to a condition like depression or discouragement. And “healing” as mentioned in the last part of the song is like a person who no longer succumbs to a thought process etc that actually sustains that desire. >

Thus, “treatment initiation” has three basic elements that we tend to find in these areas of self-help, albeit expressed differently. At first the narrator assumes that he is melancholic.

Second, a remedy – even if it is a poetic and metaphorical remedy like this one – is identified. And third, the sufferer is advised to diligently practice number two in order to defeat number one.


Korn and “Start the Healing”

Korn is a musical work classified as a neo metal band that can trace its professional roots back to the 1990s. The crews were also at the height of their commercial and critical success at this time.

But even past its heyday, Korn has established itself as a never-failing band, with the exception of its first venture in 1994, which topped the Billboard 200 with its studio albums.

and “Start the Healing” is actually the title track of their fourteenth studio project “Requiem” in 2022. Meanwhile, the song itself was released on November 10th, 2021, sponsored by Loma Vista Records.

Korn’s core membership has remained relatively stable over the years. This means that the only member to join the band after it formed in 1993 was drummer Ray Luzier in 2008.

and four of the top five members still use Korn to this day –

  • Singer Jonathan Davis
  • Guitarist Monkey Schaefer
  • Guitarist Head Welch
  • Bassist Field Arroysu

The field was recently closed this year. However, he is officially recognized as the author of The Beginning of Healing. And the lead drummer, David Siloria, started just before the start of 2007.

Besides Field, the other four members of Korn are also known as the authors of The Beginning of Healing, as noted above. They did this with songwriter Lauren Christie. And they are commonly known as one of the producers of this song, and the others are Chris Collier and David Benonist.

Sunny’s team of professional music video cinematographers directed the song.

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