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This song is based on the days of “Reckless” and Eli Goulding’s rebellious youth and “Innocence” associated with those years. Thus, the title “Sixteen” actually refers to the age group of the song. In fact, 16 was a pivotal year for Golding, and that’s why the song means a lot to him.

From the start you can see that Ellie relates not only to the changing events she went through at that age, but also to the camaraderie that was so close to her then and was part of her experience. During this time, Golding and this person, with his mother’s encouragement, decided to save and stay away from home. It was an exciting, if “dangerous” time in her life. It’s also a time when he fondly recalls his memories while trying to recapture some of the feelings he experienced with that person. So we find in the chorus that Golding asks the friend to focus on him “as if we were 16 years old” when they basically shared everything.


The second stanza begins with the reader A.
When her teacher judged her “too young” and “too stupid”. why
All this time they were optimistic and close. But now, just like him
The first verse mentions that they “live so busy” that they don’t
They seem to have time for each other, so he still wishes he could go back there
When they were 16 and friends were inseparable.

The bottom line is that Ellie Goulding values ​​her teenage boyfriend so much — so much that he doesn’t take it for granted that he’ll never get that close to anyone again. Because of this, he begs this person to stay by his side and also commends him for staying positive and successful despite those who predicted otherwise.

What Golding said about this song

According to Goulding, the poems of “Sixteen” focus on the “reckless days of adolescence”.

Facts about “Sixteen”

  • Four songwriters (including Ellie Goulding) collaborated on “Sixteen”. The other three authors are RAYE, Fred Gibson and Joe Kearns.
  • Famed American producer Ian Kirk Patrick produced the song along with FRED and Mike Wise.
  • “Sixteen” was released on April 12, 2019. This is the second single from the fourth Golding song. The Flux studio album was the first single from the album to be released. In other words, every photo you see on an artwork belongs to a friend of Golding’s.

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