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“He had me in Carolina” is a creative take on the traditional “Love a Girl at Bar” style. In this case, the reader is initially influenced by the appearance of the topic. But what really grabs his heart is that on this karaoke night, he takes to the stage and sings “Sir Carolina, Tails California,” a 1990s country classic.

So when he sees that this girl he’s interested in prefers if you want, this accident really convinces him that the two might be all the same. And that’s more than that, according to him, their eyes collided during the performance of the song.

As it turns out from Paul where Cole is talking to this lady, they are apparently not in a romantic relationship. However, they do have a nightly conversation. But now the situation is such that every time he hears “Heads Carolina, Tails California” an image comes to mind of him and how he has mesmerized the whole tape while performing it.


Credit for “he had me in Carolina”

This is a rewrite of a song titled “Sir Carolina, Tails California” released in 1996 by country singer Joe Di Messina. The writers of this play, Tim Nichols and Mark D. Sanders, are also credited with writing “He Had Me in Carolina.” In addition to these names, the following people also receive credit for writing this song:

  • Cole Swindell
  • Ashley Gorley
  • Jesse Fraser
  • Thomas Rat

“She Had Me in Hades Carolina” was written by Zack Kroll and is the title tag for Warner Bros. Music Nashville.

Cole said writing the song was an experience that put her under unprecedented pressure. And that was because, as mentioned above, getting approval from the original songwriters quickly had to be obtained for a timely release. And in the process, he also gained the blessing of Joe Messina, who Swindell is a big fan of his pill.

Release date

This song, taken from the album “Cliché”, was officially released on April 8th, 2022. “Cliché” (Swindell’s fourth studio album) was accompanied by the following singles:

  • “Never Say Never”
  • “Saturday Night Single”

Cole Swindel is a Georgia country singer whose discography dates back to 2013. He can be considered one of the biggest letters of his genre as his solos regularly chart well in addition to the fact that they usually earn a certificate.

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