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Given what a pop song with such a title (“Satisfaction”) is actually about, it doesn’t require rocket science. And if, dear reader, your guess is gender, congratulations, you are indeed correct.

Here we’re addressing Ross, who we think is the most important person considering how involved the two are.

However, the reader reveals some of the other dynamics of this relationship by noting that it is a relationship in which he and his partner are holding each other. Though the two decide to spend an “all night” — apparently the scenario the song takes place in — they also seem to enjoy puffing a few joints together.

But as for asexual poetry. In fact, Ross doesn’t exactly look the part, but when it comes to working with his mistress, he does seem like a beast in bed.



According to many credible sources, Ross has been active since 2007. But he only became really famous in 2010. In 2014 he released his first single Goodbye . And later that decade, between 2017 and 2020, the artist released his first three studio albums through Columbia Records.

And Ross may not be as well known as hip-hop musicians say. But in 2015 he scored two big hits, What They Want and Losin Control , the latter going five times platinum in its native USA.

Russ has already released a string of singles throughout 2021, none of which are album-connected like “Satisfy.” And he’s had his greatest success in New Zealand over the years.

So this song, released on June 25, 2021, is actually the tenth song to be at the top this year. He also appeared on the song Fck Boys by Los Angeles rapper Blxst. And Ross himself is dependent on ATL.

Did Ross write “Satisfaction”?

Yes. “Satisfaction” was also written and produced by Ross, who is actually a multi-instrumentalist and produces regularly in addition to vocals.

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