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“One More Chance” Ross finds himself acknowledging his breakup and wants to make amends by apologizing to his beloved. His previous actions seem to have been a point of contention between them, so he wants to get things done when he gets the chance.

During the first poem and chorus he emphasizes the fact that he wants his partner to return and is willing to swallow his pride and beg for his return. There is complexity in the second verse as he reveals when he has seen his trust broken. He also accuses her of being petty and mean when she’s angry, making it harder for both of them.

In a live Instagram video for the song, Ross explained that while the first part of the song shows him apologizing for the mistake he made, the second part is unrelated, but a new question raises whether he should be or not. Apologize or share the blame with that person.

Ross exclusively composed and produced “Another Chance”. And August 2nd, 2020 was the day he officially made it available for download and distribution.

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