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This song (“Never Again”) is simple enough in its approach because it describes the thoughts of a singer who has definitely decided to separate from the audience, a woman who apparently loves him but has proved that this is unbearable. Many transitions take place in this process. But the bottom line is that the housewife reduces Ross’s patience to the point where she can no longer be romantic with him.

For example, in a choir, the audience is portrayed as a person who pressurizes the singer and disrespects his or her partner. Additionally, it is implicitly stated that he regularly does things that intentionally infuriate Ross. And basically, what we’re dealing with here, along with the reader’s tendency to be “out” in response to this relationship, is Ross’s identification and dislike of the various qualities of his lover.

In fact, while all is said and done, we find the reader kicking themselves for failing to understand that it was a doomed romance from the start.

So the general implication is that despite the fact that Ross has been tested over and over again, he hasn’t been able to give up on this relationship until now. But now he’s saying “never again” because he won’t be returning this time.


Who is Ross?

Ross is an ATL rapper who is actually of European (i.e. Sicilian) descent. He has left songs since 2011 when he was in his late teens. But it was Ross’ first major label album, There’s Really a Wolf in 2017, that really put him on the map.

He also performed with a few platinum or multi-platinum awards in the late 2010s.

“Never again”

Ross officially released “Never Again” on April 26, 2022. It has not been directly linked to albums or EPs since the song’s release. However, it is generally expected that in “if not now, then when?” Ross appears. Project 2022.

“Never Again” was written by Ross, who also co-produced it with Hannah Alexandra Lawton and another artist listed on UKNW.

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