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Korn “Lost in Greatness” is a somewhat complicated track to decode, as one might expect from an action like Korn. But first, given the title, as the reader uses the phrase in the chorus and associated lyrics in the piece, it seems he is actually saying he has lost himself or what you have.

and also considering that he uses the word “ size ” in connection with all of this, it implies that Jonathan might be famous or rich. Speaks for itself. .

And looking at that introduction, it’s also becoming clearer that the reader is also alluding to that in the verses, which is that sense of being crowded out and closed in. But Paul is where the seriousness of the situation really draws him home, where he also tells us that “he can’t live like this “. p>

The main argument that may somewhat contradict the theory presented above is that Davis, like Paul, indicates that the situation he is going through was more likely created by an outside party. In other words, the audience’s deceptive and repressive actions are what make them feel “ lost in greatness “.

And this is a factor, like trying to determine if this is a monologue or a critique of another, which is at the heart of the song’s bewildering quality, if you will.

Since the narrator mentions “demons” in the first stanza, one could say that the antagonist mentioned in Deaf and Drop is Satan, in the absence of a more specific explanation. Because it’s under the leadership of that person who lost its narrator.


So that’s one of those analyzes that we’re going to wrap up by saying that to really understand this piece, we’re probably going to listen to other songs on the album that this song is presented on. We know that the reader feels good when he is “lost in greatness”. But who brought him there and what exactly this sentence means is not entirely clear from the texts alone.


Truths about “lost in grande”

On February 2, 2022, “Lost in the Grandeur” was released as the third single from “Requiem”, Korn’s fourteenth studio album. It should be noted that the LP is scheduled for release on February 4th via Loma Vista Records and another label called Concord.

Four of Corn’s 1993 co-founders – Jonathan Davis, Monkey Schaefer, Head Welch and Field Arroyo – have remained with the band since the release of “Lost in the Grandeur”. Drummer Ray Luzier joined the song in 2008. The five are known as both songwriters and co-producers, and Chris Collier loaned out to produce the song.

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