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Toni Braxton Lyrics

In As Long As I Live, Tony Braxton mourns the loss of a missing person
Love. The pain is especially annoying when it goes to someone else
In short, they are indeed the talk of the town. That’s how Tony feels
He even betrayed her because he didn’t think about how he would react. And even when
Seeing her in person, he can say he really loves his newbie
Honey decomposes these facts.

His main argument with his ex is that he still is
I love her. In fact, he wants her very much. she
The current feelings towards him are so strong that he can no longer fully remember
Why they broke up, not being with him causes him a lot of problems

Tony finally admits he’ll never get over his missing partner as long as he lives.


Facts about “As Long As I Live”

  • Authors: This song was written by Paul Butin, Antonio Dixon and Tony Braxton.
  • Producers:> Antonio Dixon , who also released Tony’s 2014 duet with Babyface, is the producer of this track.
  • Album / EP: The name of the album containing this song is this. Sex & Cigarettes Toni (2018).
  • Release Date: “Long as I Live” was released on February 9, 2018.
  • li> Record label: Universal Music Group and Def Jam Recordings are the labels behind this song.

  • Interesting Things: This is Tony Berxton’s Eighth Edition Is a Song on the Billboard Adult R&B Charts. When he completed this masterpiece, the only artist to have more was Alicia Keys at 10.

Did “As Long As I Am Alive” win a Grammy Award?

The song received two nominations for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards
awards. This song is nominated in the following categories:

  • Best R&B Performance
  • Best R&B Song

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