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“Justin” is a very impressive song with background. Unfortunately, Justin was a boy with colon cancer. And the dream of his death, after all, was to meet Korn.

It’s similar to how we feel when we read such a story. The recipient of such a powerful request was somewhat confused.

And at this stage it is better to deal with the poems themselves, because all the emotions related to them are expressed in them, albeit metaphorically in some cases.

verse 1

For example, we first became aware of what might be termed a reluctance to fulfill the above wish. But that’s not because he’s insensitive to Justin’s request. Instead, he’s ashamed because he doesn’t have a better word.

In fact, Justin is the one who looks at him the most. But that’s the kind of respect that really can’t be put into words, it’s the kind of respect shown to people who are consciously on the brink of death but have brave faces.

verse 2

Davis then begins the second verse by asking Justin exactly why he wants to meet him. And again, these would mean that you have to spend money on these processes. Rather, his request to meet with Korn surprised John.

In other words, he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to meet him and wish him dead. Davis didn’t think he was special enough to attract that kind of attention.

But in terms of personal feelings for Justin, let alone someone who admires him for the “power” he displayed before his death.

Chorus and the third stanza

Other parts of the song, like the chorus and third beat, focus more on spirituality. The chorus consists of the singer and the audience moving in the universe together, possibly as ghosts. But that’s more of a reader’s view, because he’s still with us here on the mortal plane.

But another way to look at that feeling more broadly is that John now lives by Justin’s side. In fact, he invites the spirits of all the “children who die hearing corn” to fly “into” his body instead. And so they stay “alive”.

What is “Justin” about

There are such heavy things going on here. And we can literally say it’s more fantastic than real. But we also didn’t believe that the singer actually invites the spirits of dead fans to dwell in his body. Instead, as mentioned earlier, this is his emotional response to a heartbreaking request.

And it’s almost as if he turns around and says he could have kept Justin alive if he could. But since it failed, the song can be understood more realistically as a tribute to its deceased fan.



Facts about “Justin”

Korn members are known to be the authors of this song. And they are:

  • Brin Welch (nickname “Sir”, guitarist)
  • Reginald Arviso (“Fieldy”, bassist)
  • James Schaefer (“Munky”, musician Guitar)
  • li>
  • Jonathan Davis (singer)
  • David Siloria (drummer)

and the entire crew co-produced the song as Korn with Toby Wright and Steve Thompson.

David Siloria retired from the band in 2006 and was replaced by Ray Losier in 2008.

Justin is Korn’s third album, Following the Leader. Korn is a crew member from Bakersfield, California. Founded in 1993, they peaked in the 1990s but thrived into the 2020s.

For example, “Follow the Leader” topped the Billboard 200. And her latest album, which led to the writing of this post in 2019, The Nothing, landed dramatically at number eight on the list.

But while Korn albums may be pop, they’re not quite as successful as the singles. However, the most successful ones so far could be “Here to Stay” in 2002, “Is My Time” in 2003 or “Twisted Transistor” in 2005.

The original version of “Following the Leader” contains a dozen secret songs, each of which is silent for five seconds. Well, 5 seconds multiplied by 12 equals 60 seconds, or one minute. And Korn is said to have observed a minute’s silence in memory of Justin.

For the record, it is widely believed that Korn never met Justin prior to his death. Judging by the lyrics, the song was probably written after his death.

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