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“Stay Here” has been described as focusing on a person who has been abused and is now at their breaking point taking back what is theirs. But just as controversial is what brought him to this point in the first place. In other words, there is so much more going on in the lyrics.

And by default, the reader’s primary emotion is to express depression. In fact, this melancholy runs so deep that she seems to be hurting herself and contemplating suicide.

But in about a moment his mood changes. And that’s one of the things he means by staying here. No, he will not take his own life. Furthermore, he is apparently making this claim to the same person or persons who were originally involved in creating his disturbed mental state. All of this can be seen by reading between the lines.

In the chorus, for example, the singer claims to be “not a prostitute”. It means someone abused him and is trying to abuse him. In fact, he goes on to explain that this unknown creature has already “taken everything” to the point where it “can’t give anymore.” So it’s like he’s tired of the toy doll or can’t do it anymore because he has nothing to give.

But there seems to be nothing in the poems to indicate that he seeks out his exploiters in the name of recovering what was taken. Rather, it is more the case that he can no longer be exploited. Furthermore, it can be said that he has decided to give up the task of allowing his mistreatment by others in order to fully increase his self-esteem.

Is “Here to Stay” about Korn?

Finally, we can accept a hypothesis like this, all of which are symbolic of having some type of beef labeled corn. However, when famous artists come out with such songs, it is usually this fact that acts as the true livelihood of the emotions expressed.

But truth be told, this narrative can be applied to different scenarios. For example, young victims of bullying sometimes have thoughts of suicide. In fact, in the simplest sense, this is the person who represents the singer, that is, the one who is being pursued. But he doesn’t want his situation to get worse, nor does he want his torturers to continue enjoying their exploitation. Rather, he commits to ending that part of his life here and now.


“Here to Stay” release date

This is the first song on the playlist for “Untouchables”, a Korn album released on June 11, 2002 by Epic Records. >


The song clearly won a Grammy Award from Korn in 2003. “Here to Stay” won Best Metal Performance.

And the Albert and Alan Hughes (known as Hughes Brothers) music video was also one of the most popular music videos of the year. Metal Edge Magazine readers even voted it Video Music of the Year for 2002.

And back to the sound, not only has it cracked 20 UK singles charts, it has also topped the UK rock and metal charts.

In addition to its general popularity, the video is also known for showing Jonathan Davis’ first simple video microphone. This stand was designed by a well-known Swiss visual artist named H.R. Giger.

Write a credit for “stay here”

Four members of the band who worked on the song – Reginald Arroyo, James “Monkey” Schaefer, Jonathan Davis and Brin “Head” Welch – are still with the band after nearly two decades.

and four of them are known as the writers of Here to Stay, along with then-teammate David Siloria (who left Korn in 2007).

and is the producer of the song by Michael Binhorn, who has made his name collaborating with some of America’s most prominent rockers.


Korn is a band that formed in the last decade of the 20th century and really evolved as the 1990s transitioned into the 2000s. That said, between 1996 and 2010, they removed seven studio albums, all of which were in the top 10 on the Billboard 200, two of which topped the chart. And as for the “Untouchables” album, it was far from that, coming in second.

And interestingly, even in the early 2020s, this is Korn’s best show in the UK, where the engagement peaked at number 4 in the UK Albums Chart.

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