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Note that the title of this song (“Off My Face”) seems to be a nod to drunkenness or rock climbing. And this is indeed one of those songs few have seen where the singer compares his love for the audience to “rocks”.

But there are a few more poems than ordinary metaphors from drugs to love. The reader also gives details of how he and his sweetheart interact with each other, i.e. how they relate. For example, he is the one who “calls the shots”, who follows his orders.

They also seem to like to sit in the depths of the night and enjoy their relationship in silence. In fact, Beabez uses religious terms for it, which he did a lot during this phase of his pop career.

Sometimes the problem with songs like this, where the singer compares infatuation with addiction, is that if the listener doesn’t take the time, they can actually believe the song belongs to the latter. However, just as there are many songs that compare romance to drugs, there are many comparisons between drugs and romance.

And in the second verse, which is very short, the singer comes out as someone who is really vocal.

Justin Bieber explains the meaning of “out of my face”

But thankfully, Biebs explained in his own words that the song is actually about being in love. Or, as he puts it, is based on a situation where a person is so in love that they’re “a little bit confused about someone”.

Yes, at the end there is a general feeling that the reader “can’t think right” because they are completely influenced by the audience. Or, as he puts it, “he’s in love with (her) face.”


“Off My Face” release date

The song was released on March 19, 2021, the day Bieber adamantly identified it as the release date for his album Justice. And this project was presented to us by Def Jam Records.

Production and Writing

The song was produced by Jake Tory and an Australian couple called Dreamlab (Leah Haywood and Daniel James). Also known as “Off My Face”, co-authored with Tia Scola and Justin Bieber.

Since the release of this song, Justin Bieber has been married to a model named Haley Baldwin Bieber since 2018. So if this song was about a specific person in his life, it would be him.

Justin’s “Justice” album

This is the fourth song on the “Justice” playlist. This is an album that seems to have a more religious flavor to it. For example, the first single released was actually a track called “Holy” (2020) featuring Chance the Rapper, one of the game’s most positive artists.

But Bieber does have a significant religious background. When Justin was discovered by Scooter Brown when he was 13, the babysitters’ mother, Patti Malt, didn’t want his scooter to take him. This was because he hoped his profession would be spiritual rather than secular.

And it was the church elders who finally persuaded him to release his son under Brown.

Justin Bieber tooltips

And at this point, Justin Bieber has been a professional musician for almost 15 years. He started acting at the age of 12, just like at that point in his life when Bieber started getting busy.

He also had a strong presence on YouTube and was accidentally discovered by Scooter Brown. And Brown is someone he is dating, or at least has been dating since “Justice”, and also, more indirectly, Osher, the singer/music manager.

Biebs, who worked with RBMG, a label co-owned by Scooter Brown and Usher, led him to release his first single “One Time” in 2009. That was around the time Justin was 14 years old.

and shortly afterwards his first album “My World 2.0” (2010) was released. He has since released five studio albums between 2010 and 2020. They have topped both the Billboard 200 and the Canadian Albums Chart. And two of them, ‘Believe’ (2012) and ‘Changes’ (2020), also topped the UK Albums Chart.

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