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The easiest way to describe Justin Bieber’s “ghost” is that the nostalgic singer is someone he loves. The poems are so powerful that it can easily give the impression that he is reading about a dead man.

However, Biebs has more or less confirmed that this is not the case. Many popular musicians have dealt with the corona virus in song in their own way. Interestingly, “Ghost” is actually Justin Bieber’s musical response to the epidemic.

and as a person he was struck by the fact that he believed some loved ones were excommunicated during the crisis.

Even beyond the virus itself, Justin can see that people sometimes physically break up for myriad reasons. In fact, as he explained, two people can be part of each other’s lives “for a season” and then not.

That’s why Justin doesn’t describe it as a love song in his description of the “ghost”. For example, a loved one may look like a friend in general. In fact, we’ve probably all had close relationships in the past, one day they were there and the next day it’s gone forever.


But with that in mind, the song itself proves almost from the singer’s first bar that this is indeed a romantic interest of his audience.

Given that the states of him “losing touch” make sense. For example, this in and of itself isn’t something you tell a platonic friend or family member.

He also points out that he took their relationship for granted. But now “ he’s crossing the bridge he can’t follow “. And that apparently means that, for whatever inexplicable reason, the two will never get together for him.

So now all that’s left of him is his memoir, which the title “Ghost” stands for.

And once again the feeling of the dissertation shows that the reader misses this person “ more than life “. In fact, in the case of his daring sunset, he would “if he could” make a living and “follow him.”

and in this context “ his memory is ecstasy “, another phrase indicating that their relationship is romantic in nature.


Despite this, the song still has a general usage, as Bibbs mentioned in his general description. For example, there are no gender pronouns in it.

Therefore, notwithstanding the two movements with a high romantic tone, the lyrics of this song can be so long that it can be argued that it doesn’t go in the direction of the former.

However, in terms of superficial portrayal, meaning deciphering the song without relying on Bieber’s external explanation, it doesn’t make sense for him to approach an ex-girlfriend.

In fact, it’s very clear that the internet has been blanketed by conspiracy theories claiming that the “ghost” is actually Selena Gomez, who the babies met years ago.


Selena Gomez

The aforementioned Selena Gomez, who, like Justin Bieber, is one of the most successful singers in the world, met Babes. Their relationship was very patchy for almost eight full years, from early 2010 to late 2018.

The year they definitely split, 2018 was also the year Justin married Haley Baldwin, who Bieber has been dating since 2015.

But even after her marriage, she may occasionally release a song that some fans believe is actually about Selena Gomez. Perhaps given the length of their meeting and the fact that many people (e.g. Yelenas as they say) never get to see them as a couple, such an expectation would have existed. .

But in general, such theories are never supported by any real evidence. For example, the strongest evidence in this particular song seems to be something like the song “Your Ghost,” which was inspired by Selena Gomez’s old 2010 song.

Write credentials for “ghost”

Justin Bieber wrote this song along with the following:

  • Michael Pollack
  • John Blyon
  • Monsters & Strangerz members Stefan Johnson and Jordan K. Johnson

as well as the monsters and strangers (as a unit) and Bellion, who produced the song.

Ghost release date

This song is taken from Justin Bieber’s album Justice, his sixth studio album, which was released on March 19, 2021.

This is a product of Def Jam Records, a label traditionally associated with rap music that has since expanded into other genres. Other labels supporting it include Universal Music, as well as Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Records, RBMG Records and SB Projects.

Justin didn’t release this as a single. The songs Justin has officially released as a single from his sixth studio project are as follows:

  • “peach”
  • “hold hands”
  • “everyone”
  • “only”
  • “holy”

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