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Justin Bieber Lyrics

In the case of “Confirmation,” Justin Bieber has a romantic interest. And what he’s telling her all the time is to be patient to receive her love because she’s “on her way.” So obviously he’s very excited to see the babies. Furthermore, in describing this situation, Justin makes a great cosmic critique, saying that “no one has patience these days.” And there are various reasons Justin is telling him to calm down. One of the reasons is that, according to him, they have “the rest of their lives” to enjoy themselves.

So, as interpreted by some, it’s certainly possible that in this particular instance he’s singing for his wife, Haley Baldwin, although his name isn’t mentioned. After all, a spouse is one of those people that a person will have a lifelong relationship with in a romantic sense. And when creating it, it should be noted that the word “confirm” is never used in the song. What the singer seems to validate, however, given the song’s overall theme, is his commitment to his overly anxious lover.


Facts about “Confirmation”

Justin Bieber wrote “Confirmation” with Pooh Bear.

and Bear is also one of the producers of this song. The two-part band is another Sons of Sonix.

“Confirmation” was released on February 14, 2020 by Def Jam Records and RBMG Records. The album was released as part of Justin Bieber’s 2020 studio album Changes.

“Changes” was supported by the release of three singles. “Acknowledgment” was not one of them. The singles in question are “Yummy”, “Intentions” and “Forever”.

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