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Ross really likes himself in “I Love You”. However, this is not the case that he is a narcissist. Rather, he expresses this feeling to a certain type of person and even more to a woman(s) in his life. And the way it’s read is that such women, i.e. romantic interests, can themselves tend to be toxic, or at least smug. So what the reader is saying to these people is that they love themselves so much that they will not allow themselves to be emotionally abused or abused. In other words, he’s not one to make a woman sweat. So, for example, if someone decides to leave him, he will not limit himself to asking him to stay.

This is one of Russ’ standalone singles released in 2020 and I Love Me was released on October 30 of the same year.

Ross wrote the song and it was produced by The Rascals and Boi-1da.

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