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This is a song that Bibbs, as mentioned in the title, has a comedic approach. Because of this, “I Feel Funny” is a song that listeners don’t take as seriously as some of his other songs.

But even though this track only has a short verse, the main points are actually clearer than your usual Justin Bieber. And the main points are three. The first is that the reader declares that he is after the paper, that is, to prepare the “bills”. Second, Justin admits he’s been a serious lover for the past few days. But now he has “set (d)”, so it’s become one of Bieber’s rare songs where Justin actually confirms his marriage.

And the chorus reiterates that this is a piece the singer exits while “feeling weird”. In this way, Biebs also encourages our listeners to “laugh at it” and let the “laugh” go.


Facts about “I feel weird”

The music video for this song was directed by Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade. And “I Feel Funny,” released April 27, 2022, appears to be a song that Bieber Camp may have initially thought was a joke. But while filming “Bieber 2022” Honest, he and Cole decided to “insert” the visuals for “I Feel Funny” — which itself is only 1 minute 15 seconds long — “in between” and use Justin’s phone for that work.

Hip hop artist Dan Tulliver appears in the music video for the song. And it’s implicitly mentioned that he’s on the verge of breaking up with Biebs. This collaboration was eventually released on April 29, 2022 in the form of the song “Honest”.

“I Feel Funny”, a Def Jam Records product, written and produced by Bieber.

Note: Bieber married his wife Haley, who is the daughter of Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin and a member of the famous Baldwin family, in 2018.

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