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Beabadoobee Lyrics

It’s easy to infer that the reader has a romantic interest, and somehow relates to the same thing in the second stanza. However, according to Beabadoobee’s personal explanation of the song, it can also be interpreted if the listener chooses to perceive it as a public friendship song. But what is said, as the reader’s title implicitly suggests, is that he cannot spend as much time with the audience as he would like. In other words, separation from that person causes homesickness, including the differences they had.

So on the one hand yes, he’ll be fine. But more importantly, he makes it clear to that person that he misses his company.

Beabadoobee will likely speak directly to her boyfriend, Soren Harrison.

When was Beabadoobee “How was your rosette?” Published

September 29, 2020. He released this single as the #4 single from his debut album Fake It Flowers.


As usual, Beabadoobee created this song exclusively. In fact, he wrote all of the songs for Fake It Flowers himself.

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