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Tony Braxton’s “How an Angel Could Break My Heart” is one of the most heartbreaking songs of the 1990s, and it really conveys emotion. The focus is on the crippling grief of the reader who realizes his lover is cheating on him. And his general frustration is compounded by the fact that he used to know him as “Angel,” the kind of person who would never do that to him.

Hence the analysis of all of this is done through the verses which mainly focus on deceit and choirs at the heart of the above mentioned rupture/despair.

Chapter 1

From the start the situation reads as if someone(s) somehow told the reader that her husband is cheating on her. And indeed they have intimate and juicy things. At the same time, the reader himself sees everything as “very difficult to believe.” As already mentioned, at this point he was firmly convinced that something like this could never happen.

Chapter 2

The beginning of the second verse shows that the other lady his lover is sleeping with is Caucasian. Well, that’s actually a very important part of the song. Because in African American culture, independent and arrogant women (like Tony Braxton) consider it a double insult when their husband cheats on a white woman.

And this passage shows other ways in which the narrator suffers significantly. For example, when her husband is sleeping, he sometimes calls out “another woman’s name.” And all this leaves the reader wondering if this woman actually took her place in the lives of others. And finally he hopes not.

The feeling of the dissertation “How an angel can break my heart”

As far as the feel of the whole track goes, we best play it in bridge, which could be a good pop song. In other words, it is during the passage where the reader’s grief is nakedly revealed.

In this section he uses metaphors such as “soul… dies” and “weep” to convey the theme. He is also crying out for help from an unspecified and unspecified source, reflecting his general sense of helplessness. Or rather, the narrator almost knows that he has lost his beloved because he is no longer hers exclusively.

Meanwhile, the choir doesn’t think he’s perfect. Rather, the point is that the reader not only restores his or her frustration, but also generally blames this misfortune.

She feels that she may have loved her partner so much that he or she turned away from him or her, or that he or she was too attached to the relationship to begin with. It’s kind of a victim blaming scenario. And all in all it’s a very sad story, as any warm-blooded listener who can ideally empathize with a woman going through the same situation.


Facts about “How an angel can break my heart”

This is from Tony Berxton’s second album “Secrets” (1996). The song was released on November 4, 1997 as the fourth single from that engagement. And his labels are LaFace Records alongside Arista Records. The project in question also produced Un-Break My Heart.

“How Can Could An Angel Break My Heart” is Tony Berxton’s first official collaboration with saxophonist Kenny Jay, who really feels his presence on the song. Kenny also acted on another track called Secrets titled “In the Late of Night”, although he didn’t do better.

“How an Angel Could Break My Heart” was very impressive on the UK R&B chart, where it peaked at number five. It also broke the UK 40 chart and the Billboard Top 20.

Perhaps it didn’t fare any better on the charts because “Secrets” had reached platinum 50 by the time it was released as a single itself (released over a year ago), as lovely as the fans. I already know this song.

In fact, even before the song’s release, Tony was on fire as an established superstar. He consolidated this position with his debut album Toni Braxton. The project was certified by the RIAA in 2011.

This is the sixth song in the “Secrets” playlist with a standard version of 12 songs.

Kelly Clarkson has covered How an Angel Can Break My Heart in the past.

The Englishman Ein Softley acted as director of the music video for the song.

Did Tony Berxton write this song?

Yes. He wrote it in connection with Babyface. The latter is better known as one of the founders of LaFace Records. He also played a very important role in popularizing Tony.

In connection with the production of this song, Babyface also prepared it. And it only has to be mentioned that there is an official remix of this song, which also features Babyface as a singer.

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