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Beabadoobee Lyrics

Horn Sarrison’s lyrics are dedicated to Beabadoobee’s friend Soren Harrison. So he jokes about his name in the title. More specifically, this is a love song. And his true uniqueness is found in the metaphors Beabadoobee uses to express that feeling, though he specifically says in the chorus that he’s “in love.” And he’s basically saying that Soren is sort of his savior in life.

Also, despite his feelings for her, he doesn’t want Harrison to be “comfortable,” perhaps because he’s not too weak in their relationship. Also, he admits that he doesn’t spend as much time as he would like. But he also knows that if the situation were reversed, he would do the same.

So we can definitely say that this singer is very grateful to her real boyfriend.

Written and produced by Horn Sarrison

Beabadoobee wrote and produced “Horn Sarrison” himself.

Album appearance

The song will appear on his 2020 project Fake It Flowers, which is actually his debut album. Both “Horn Sarrison” and “Fake It Flowers” were released in one day (October 16, 2020).

Who is Soren Harrison?

Soren Harrison is a British director and filmmaker best known for his relationship with Beabadoobee and half of the Bedroom directors.

He started making films with Amir Hossein at the age of 13. In 2017, Dream received funding from the Channel 4 Short Film Commission program. Her first short film, A Girl’s Void.

After the release of A Girl’s Void, she began directing and making videos for artists such as Sports Team, The 1975 and her friend Beabadoobee.

He owns the online goods store PHUG. His Instagram account had more than 41,000 followers at the time of Horn Sarrison’s publication.

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