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In “He Was Not Man Enough”, Tony tries to give advice to his ex-wife with no experience. As can be seen in the series of questions for this lady, the reader is trying to make it clear that she is no longer interested in her ex.

The narrator seems appalled that his ex-wife thinks he is still hurt and caring for her husband. He insists he has no interest in anyone he genuinely thought was bad for him. He assures her that he doesn’t have to worry as he doesn’t even think much about his ex-wife or his new wife.

In the chorus and bridge group, the author warns the lady not to put too much strain on her ex because she wasn’t good enough when they were together. He offers this “free advice” to his ex-wife to let her know that he might eventually leave her the way she did because he’s no good at all and can’t really make a difference.


On the one hand, it lightens the rhythm of the singer trying to avoid repeating someone else’s mistake. And on the other hand, it can be an image of a vengeful person damaging the successful relationship of his ex-lover.

Produce and mention “he wasn’t man enough”

This is a song by Rodney Jerkins. In addition to directing production, Rodney co-wrote the song with three others (none of whom were Tony Braxton). Fred Jerkins, Harvey Mason and LaShawn are the songwriters.

Release “He Wasn’t Man Enough”

“He Was Not Man Enough” (licensed by LaFace Records) was released in March 2000. This is one of the singles supporting Tony’s 2000 album The Heat.


Shortly after its release, the song topped a number of charts in the United States, Canada and Poland. This R&B-themed song peaked at number 2 on America’s Hot 100 chart. It peaked at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart. Australia, Netherlands and New Zealand are the countries where they have reached the same situation. Overall, this single can be classified as one of Tony’s most successful international releases.

The song also won the Grammy Tony Award in 2001. She won the award for Best Female R&B Song. This was actually the fourth time he had won the award. He had previously won it with three other songs, including “Breath Again.”

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