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At the end of 2018 Justin Bieber married the children of the famous and successful model Haley Baldwin. Indeed, being one of the most prolific singers in the game, Beabs has since released a number of songs, many of which his essay describes as romantic in nature.

However, none of them, at least the ones we’ve covered, directly corroborate the other important one. Well friends, Justin finally got to sing Haley’s name firmly in the song and even named it after her.

Both spouses are now known for sticking to reality for as long as their relationship lasts. Marriages are rarely, if ever, perfect, and Justin and Haley aren’t afraid to admit it. And that goes for this song too.


In the first stanza, the reader notes that there are times when “the stars don’t align,” which is basically a fanciful way of saying they sometimes mess up the day. But he chose to go through such a storm with the audience, his romantic partner. In fact, as revealed in this episode, it is his love that keeps him from falling into deep depression when such opportunities come his way.

Meanwhile, in the second verse, he reassures her that this is not the case, although she may feel their relationship is falling apart. Babies raised as teenagers only know the sky or how many women are willing to jump on it.

So when he claims Haley is “what he’s always wanted,” we know he really has experience on Earth. So it’s hard to believe that this superstar would marry someone she really never dreamed of. And that’s pretty much what he says about knowing what he was doing when he chose Haley.

And Justin also admits, though some of us outsiders may be jealous of him, that “life is crazy,” that is, far from ideal at times. But it’s that dissatisfaction that ultimately “draws” him to Haley, if you will.

Haley’s main message

So the overall message of this song is about the singer telling the audience not to get upset. He chose her and he doesn’t regret that decision at all. In this way, he is very anxious for the two to grow old together.

So, despite the fact that Hailey Baldwin’s name isn’t mentioned in the lyrics, it’s pretty clear that this track is dedicated to him. And it’s a small relief that Justin finally managed to release a love song about his wife. Well, some female fans might not think so, but she’s still good-looking.


Effective and publication date of “Hailey”

The producers of this song, Andrew Watt and Louis Bell, are the letters you will probably encounter the most on our platform. And both artists wrote this song like this:

  • Ali Tampussi
  • John Blyon
  • Justin Bieber

The official release date of “Haley” is March 19, 2021. On this day, Bieber’s sixth studio album Justice was released. After the initial release, however, the album was only released in a few selected versions.

But the song was further distributed in October 2021 as part of the full version of Justice.

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