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It’s clear that Korn’s “forgotten” narrator speaks of a kind of toxic relationship with the audience. In simpler terms, the latter is introduced as the first oppressor. And most importantly, the reader feels vulnerable in the face of the great design of things. Or, as shown, the audience places him in some kind of dependency, while the narrator doesn’t quite know how to survive without that person.

Or, as Jonathan puts it more directly and poetically, he is “forgotten,” like someone who would not exist if he had no relationship with the audience.

It should be noted that this is a very metaphorical piece and the explanation above is a theoretical way of explaining the chorus. All in all, it can also be the case that the reader considers himself “forgotten” even if his relationship with the audience is intact.

Or suppose the nature of this relationship is such that the reader is stripped of all status, including identity, if so desired. He also sees himself as a “toy at will” that uses him in a way that instills low self-esteem in the reader.

Is a toxic relationship “forgotten”?

Based on the above description, it’s easy to guess that Korn is talking about a toxic romantic or personal relationship. However, it is possible that they refer to a concept such as crowding out the system. This concept is certainly a theme practiced in rock songs today.

Distinct Feeling

In any event, the definitive feel of this piece is actually something like the reader realizing that it’s actually being used. So now it’s up to him to “decide whether it’s worth it or not” to really fight him. He basically determines whether or not he deserves freedom and then has the courage to actually pursue it.

Such a decision may seem pointless to most people. But from the narrator’s point of view, this is actually an argument on his part due to his lack of confidence and perhaps cowardice.

While it may be easy to judge a reader based on their shaky state, we return once again to the macrocosmic view of things, indeed in a state of repression or even humility. Like a global or shared experience, especially given the current state of the world we live in.



Korn is a California band active since the mid-1990s, specializing in the genre of music known as nouveau riche. In the early days they were really Papin. Many have said that the group’s heyday ended at the end of the last decade. However, Korn was so successful around the turn of the century that it remained popular into the 2020s.


Forgotten was officially released on January 12, 2022. This is the second single from the band’s fourteenth studio album. The project/album is titled “Requiem”. His first single is called “Start the Healing”.

The catchphrase behind this journey is Loma Vista Records. It should also be noted that “Forgotten” is also the opening song of “Requiem”.

Korn is one of those bands where every band member wants to get credit for composing the songs they perform. In this way, the current members of the group are confirmed as “forgotten” in this regard. They are as follows:

  • Jonathan Davis
  • Ray Loser
  • Brin Welch
  • James Schaefer

Also listed as one of the authors is Reginald Arviso, a co-author. This is while he is paused in the group at the same time.

Korn co-produced the song with Chris Collier.

The group sharpened their upcoming version a few weeks before the actual release of “Forgotten”.

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