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Ellie Goulding Lyrics

The word River is used as the title and
This song is mentioned in the chorus, it is a reference to it
Ellie Goulding’s life is constantly changing. it is
Largely because of his fame, he describes this shifting reality as such
That is the reason why he cannot overcome his past lovers. how
So in this song he tells about his past memories and asks what life will be like
When these relationships are done right.

Golding has admitted in the past that her fame had a deadly effect on her
His relationships fantasized about alternative facts so much that everything changed
Otherwise, as he does in “Flux”, it may be inevitable. Actually Eli
Regarding this song, he said that we all strive for such ideas

When Eli thinks about his lost love, he wants to do it
Proud and for him to take the same initiative. and you
He admits they both cared about each other. In fact, he
He even reveals that he still loves her to this day. why
At some point he wants to leave the past behind.
In fact, Golding is tempted by the idea of ​​hiring her again. However, he closes
That the constant changes in his life do not make such an alliance possible.

Overall, “Flux” recognizes that Goulding is talking about a failed romance that he can’t seem to handle. This song is based on the person he has spent most of his life with.

What Elie Goulding has to say about this song

On the day the song was released, Golding took to Twitter to clarify the song’s meaning. According to him, he wrote the song from his heart. And that the poems focus on how he can’t think about the love of the past. Here are Golding’s exact words on the meaning of this song:


In another Instagram post, Golding explained the above as follows:


Fast facts on “Flux”

  • Golding wrote and produced “Flux”.
    However, he didn’t do it alone. Two prominent English songwriters and
    Producers (Jim Elliott and Joe Cranes) helped him. With that in mind, both are Kearns
    And credit goes to Elliott for writing and producing this song.
  • “Flux” was published via Polydor
    Recorded February 28, 2019.
  • This is Golding’s first single on
    2019 as main artist.

Which Elie Goulding album does this single appear on?

On Golding’s fourth studio album.

What does the word flux really mean?

This is a name and has several meanings. But the most common of these meanings is: something or a situation that is constantly changing.

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