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Beabadoobee Lyrics

“Emo Song” is one of the more complex songs on Beabadoobee’s album Fake It Flowers. In most cases, as becomes clear in the second stanza, he seems to be pursuing a romantic interest. Also, the person appears to have been “emotionally” harmed in the past. Not only that, but through her interactions with men since she was “young”, Beabadoobee has created significant distrust of them. And since the audience “lies” too, he really has no idea how to bring him back to life.

And one of the main purposes of this song is not just to let him know how he feels, but also to keep blaming him for some level of unhappiness in his life.

Beabadoobee talks about “emo song”

Bea has revealed that the lyrics are about her challenging childhood and the impact she had as a teenager.


Bea’s youthful life

Beabadoobee had a challenging childhood. The singer was expelled from her previous school, Holy Heart High School, before attending Hormozmit Academy at the age of 13. Although he argued that he received the required grades to be accepted, other reports suggest he was fired because of poor grades. He was also charged with misconduct, which led to his dismissal.

The singer was struck by his expulsion from school, which he described as “illegal”. According to him, the school did not like him, and although he received the required grades to be accepted, he was still expelled from the institution. In order not to feel depressed, Beabadoobee decided to learn to play the guitar in addition to the violin. That’s how he wrote his first single. After posting his song online, he said he wanted to prove something to his friends and suspects.

In one of his interviews, the singer recalled how he became addicted to drugs and alcohol after finding himself among bad friends. According to him, he had no particular reason for it and just wanted to feel something. He also described his teenage life as insane, as he revealed that by the age of 15 or 16, he was drinking all summer long. He explained that these experiences played a role in his music career.

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