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E.T.A. , as you probably already know, is a popular acronym for Estimated Entry Time. Likewise, the song primarily focuses on a singer eagerly awaiting the arrival of the audience. Saeed’s audience, as became clearer in the second verse, is a romantic interest. And the implication is that this person and the baby have been separated for a long time and a considerable distance. But as Justin points out, these people just make their feelings “interested” in each other.

And accordingly, the reader devotes himself to a large part of the “E.T.A” texts. In some way to show the audience how much he misses her. He does this specifically from a romantic perspective.


Credentials for “E.T.A.” write

Justin Bieber Collaborates With 4 Songwriters To Compose “E.T.A.” Other authors are listed below:

  • Pooh Bear
  • Tom Australia
  • Joshua Goodwin
  • Phil Budro

Note: All of the above songwriters (except Biebs) are also “E.T.A.” Produced.

Release date

February 14, 2020 (Valentine’s Day) was the date of the E.T.A. Officially released. This album was released as part of Bebbs’ “Changes” album.

Was “E.T.A” released as a single?

Nope. The songs that Tim Bieber released as a single from “Changes” were “Yummy” and “Intentions”. On February 14, 2020, the song “Forever” was also released as a single from “Changes”.

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