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In “Dance,” Tony Braxton tells himself that dancing can easily overcome his once evil. Assuming that dancing is an activity she enjoys doing, she intends to focus on the happiness it brings her while forgetting about her bad relationship with her ex.

She remembers how this person made her believe that she was his only wife and promised not to hurt her. After their breakup, he realizes that he is a scammer and almost everyone knows about him but him. Now that he sees the truth, he resolves to put an end to his emotional turmoil and overcome it completely.

To emphasize how quickly he wants to get over her, he suggests that he forgets about her in a few minutes when the DJ plays a song and he starts dancing.

“Dance” profile

Writer: Antonio Dixon in collaboration with Tony Braxton Production: Dixon Album: Tony “Write My Name” Publication strong> strong>: July 31, 2020

Did Tony release “Dance” as a single?

Yes. Through Island Records, Tony dropped the song as the second single from his 2020 album Spell My Name.

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