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Beabadoobee Lyrics

According to Beabadoobee’s explanation of the song, he appeals to people who may have improper feelings for him, or those who think they understand his situation even if they don’t know it. And basically the reader recognizes that such people “really” don’t care. As such, he is not interested in gaining their sympathy. At the same time, the poems have a personal-historical feel, as if Beabadoobee is singing to someone who may have molested him as a child.

Well, in general it can be said that he repels false friends both in general and in particular.

The entire song was written by someone other than Beabadoobee himself. And this is the first song from his “Fake It Flowers” album.

“Care”, released on July 15, 2020, was Bea’s first single from her debut album (“Fake It Flowers”).

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