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On “Breathe Again,” Tony Berxton sadly admits that if his partner ends their relationship, he will break up entirely. The relationship seems to be in a very unstable state, which is why the narrator expresses his greatest fear, which is the loss of this person.

Most poems revolve around questions about how to live on after the relationship ends. The narrator is in a relatively pensive mood and wonders how he will live with the thought of their separation.

After carefully examining all the great moments they shared and how much he loves this person, he comes to the conclusion that he cannot survive in his life without him. He tries to persuade her to stay with his emotions. With the expression “breathe again” he says that he can never enjoy a normal life, or worse that it can be broken as a consequence of living.

Writing and Production

The writing and recording of “Breathe Again” was undertaken by the same team that made Braxton’s hit single “A Sad Love Song”. And the mentioned construction team consists of the following people:

  • Babyface (co-produced and exclusively written)
  • LA Reid (co-produced)
  • Daryl Simmons (co-produced)


On August 6, 1993, the second single from Tony’s first album, which he titled after himself.

An international hit!

This song was brilliantly performed in Tony, USA. Here, in the crucial chart, the Hot 100 took 3rd place. Outside the United States, “Breathe Again” was a huge hit. It peaked in the top 4 countries including the UK. In fact, it reached #2 there. The same was true for New Zealand and Australia.

Success in heat

In addition to its chart success, “Breathe Again” also earned Tony a Grammy Award. The award went to “Best Female R&B Song” at the 1995 Grammy Edition in Los Angeles. Interestingly, he had won the same award a year earlier (1994) with Another Sad Love Song.

And what’s more interesting, Tony won the same award again in 1997.

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