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The way Beabadoobee describes the song “Sorry” is that the audience is a childhood friend. During the years they lived together, they lived lives of experimentation and wildness, including drug use. But unfortunately for the audience, such a habit got the better of him to the point that the reader felt the need to part with that persona.

And even today, audiences are still engaged with this topic. So the reader is not only “sorry” about having to excommunicate this person, although in most cases he still feels the need to do so. But he also feels complicit in falling into such a trap in the first place.

Beabadoobee speaks of “sorry”

Below are Bea’s comments on this song:


Bea revealed this in an interview with Apple Music in August 2020 – the same month that “Sorry” was released.

Bea’s troubled teenage years

Despite the rapid success, Bea had a relatively difficult childhood. The singer has announced that he was expelled from Holy Heart High School for bad behavior and bad grades. She later finished her 13th year at Hammer Smith All-Girls Middle School, where she was one of the few Filipino girls.

Speaking to the Guardian, the singer noted that she found herself in a group of friends and ended up doing a lot of drugs. The artist recalls feeling empty as a child, recounting that one summer when he was about 15 or 16, there wasn’t a single day that he didn’t do drugs. His depression seems to have permeated the poetry he wrote throughout his childhood, speaking chiefly of betrayal, despair, and insanity with a sense of hope.

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