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Justin Bieber Lyrics

Justin Bieber’s focus, at least for now, is: The singer is alone with a certain woman. Under normal circumstances, the lady said the interest was romantic. In fact, all readings show that he comes to a short exam. However, Biebs himself does not allow going there. Instead, he’s taking a break from romantic relationships “at least for now.” And this is not an easy situation, because there is a sensory “tension” between them. However, he is more interested in “avoiding despair” than succumbing to temptation.

In other words, he predicts that close involvement will eventually lead to some sort of undesirable emotional outcome. Indeed, the general implication is that he has experienced heartbreak in the past. So at the end of the story we can say that the singer is telling this lady to calm down. Because he may be personally interested, but he’s taking a break from the relationship.


Facts about “at least now”

Poe Beer and Joshua Williams co-wrote and produced the song.

Another producer is known as HARV and the other writers are HRVY and Justin Bieber.

“For Now, At Least” is featured on Justin’s fifth studio album, Change. This was released on February 14th, 2020 by Def Jam Records.

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