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The best way to describe Justin Bieber’s “everyman” hypothesis is for the reader to assume a personality who is insecure in their relationship. Yes, maybe the main feeling is that he actually loves the audience, his important other. And the title of the song refers to the concept that he can’t even introduce himself with “anyone else”. But he expresses such feelings out of fear that he might lose her, even as he assures her he won’t.

Colin Tilly directed the music video. And because the singer went to great lengths to cover up the mass of tattoos on his body, it garnered more international headlines than Beabs’ usual fare. In fact, the video was rumored to be from the Rocky inspired. And accordingly, Bieber, who plays a boxer, appears shirtless. His decision to hide his cakes is probably because Justin had actually started studying to be a Christian minister shortly before the song was released.

Actress Zoey Deutch plays Bieber’s girlfriend in the music video.

Justin Bieber started the song on New Year’s Eve 2020. The song was officially released by Def Jam Records the next day, on January 1, 2021. /p>

The song was produced by Watt, Jon Bellion and The Monsters & Strangerz (i.e. Stefan Johnson, Eskeerdo and Jordan K. Johnson). And all of these musicians also wrote “Everyone” himself in collaboration with Raúl Cubina, Michael Pollack and Beabs.

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