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Another Sad Love Song, as the title suggests, features Tony Berxton listening to a sad love song on the radio that reminds him of his difficulties in ending his previous relationship. Here the narrator still seems broken, even though his relationship has long since ended.

She describes how hard it was to forget her ex-boyfriend. He seems to be trying very hard not to think about her, but has to sift through memories of their relationship every time he hears a love song on the radio in his car. This tragedy seems to make things worse as he realizes how hurt and confused he has been since the breakup.

This video is one of the three official music videos made for this song.

Did Tony Braxton write “Another Sad Love Song”?

Nope. It was written by two prolific songwriters, Babyface and D. Simmons. Both writers co-produced it with LA Reid.

Release date

appears to be one of the songs on Berxton’s first album. “Another Sad Love Song” was originally released as a single from the album in June 1993.

Record chart performance

Upon its release, the R&B song was praised by many top music critics. It was also commercially successful, topping many charts in the top 20. For example, the song peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. To achieve this, the song gave Berxton the top 10 US hits of his career. It also ranked 16th and 15th in Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively.

“Another Sad Love Song” won a Grammy Award!

At the 1994 annual Grammy Awards, Berxton won three Grammy Awards, including one for the song. This song won him the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song Performance. And during the winning process, the bat managed to defeat a number of visitors such as Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston.

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