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The easiest way to describe Justin Bieber’s song “Around Me” is that the singer celebrates his relationship with the audience. In fact, as the title suggests, he has developed a strong emotional bond with this person. Or, as Justin put it himself, the audience is someone he needs “around him”. Simply put, he wants this person at his company 24 hours a day, from “home to road”. And the reader himself is “fully committed” to their association.

In fact, he’s genuinely surprised that he can love someone as much as this person who “melted his heart”. But despite the evidence, it should be noted that while the song is logically romantic in nature, at no point does Justin explicitly state that the audience is a lover. But more importantly, whoever he may be – most likely another important person – is someone he now considers an integral part of his life.


Write credentials for “Everything around me”

Bibes wrote the song with three other prolific songwriters, including Sasha Sirota. The other two are Poo Bear and Noah Sammak. Both Bear and Sirota also receive production credits for this song.

Release and release date

The song was first released on February 3, 2020 when it was used in the Biebs documentary series Justin Bieber: Seasons. The series in question deals extensively with the life of babies and making music. After a preview of the series, All Around Me was released 11 days later (February 14).

This song appears as the #1 song on Biebs’ album Changes.

The album (Bieber’s fifth studio project) produced 16 tracks. Of these 16 songs, 3 songs (including “Intention”) were released as singles. The other two singles are “Yummy” and “Forever”.

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