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The lyrics to “Aint Goin Back” show American rapper Ross who has no desire to come back to life before he becomes a rap star. It’s essentially based on the fact that he actually enjoys what he’s doing right now – so he spends a lot of time taunting the haters left behind.

Ross is now not only satisfied with what he has done in the past, but also with an overly optimistic view of his plans for the future. But when it comes to remembering the past, his thoughts are not so happy. For example, she can recall her mother being so financially stressed that she cried. He also remembers many days spent in vain. What he has never lacked, however, is self-confidence. In fact, even his confidence has dropped now that he’s famous and dealing with the criticism that comes with creating him in the game.

In general, however, the song is dedicated to those who hate Russia, comparing its success to theirs. Additionally, he also states that he is more talented and generally relates to the parts of his life that he considers superior. And in general, he gives the feeling that, although he has already achieved a jealous lifestyle, he will hardly be more successful and will annoy people who hate him.


All in all, Ross tells the world in this song
He does not return to his previous life because he enjoys the present more
The success he has achieved.

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