“Me Against The World” Lyrics

XXL Lyrics

"Its Been the same way since i was a kid never been good as sh*t but i feel ive grown used to it
I found my talent thatas the reason i spit
Put in the effort but it clearly wasn't good enough me and mom was strugglin' times were tuff
Im still a young boy but my life just begun im next up to bat and im hittin a home run
Always been a popular kid in school but in reality i was nothin
So i ain't even gonna start frontin'
I just gotta focus on me and my music thinkin' if i picked up the weed i might lose it
Maybe god wants me to be alone maybe god wants no one to call my phone maybe god wants me to stay at home alone and stick to this sh*t
Cause rhyme words could be the brains first aid kit
Never knew writin' my wrongs could do such a right its me against the world and thats my only fight

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