Maria! Lyrics


I’ma have to pull up on you, give you a glimpse of the life you could live if you f**kin’ with the kid , if you f**kin’ with the kid

So lil mama are you down for me? Will you ever make a sound for me?
‘Cause my enemies been listenin’ and witnessin’ the rise
And I’m only 22 so shawty I don’t got no time

I’m sick of the lies, cuttin’ all ties, I do not f**k with none of these guys
Haven’t been home, I been alone, for a long time
‘Cause it’s always the wrong time, if you give it to me shawty yea it’s all mine

It’s a wrap tell Maria, I have all that I could want, I don’t need ya
If you wanna come with me nice to meet ya, you should know that I’m the man not a feature

So don’t say that you love me if you use that word loosely
Gotta hold it down for me if not you gon’ lose me
Keep it a whole hun if you wanna have fun, I cannot find love don’t you know where I’m from?

You could tell the world what you wanna tell ‘em
Give them all the lies that you wanna sell ‘em, but keep it real with me
, if you feelin’ me

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