Maintaining* Lyrics

Quelly Woo Lyrics

Long live Pop, like, n***a, we made it
Pop a Addy got me activated
Ba-Bad b*t*h, R-rated
They say they love me
Remember the days when they all hated
'Member days when they hated
I can't wait to say that I made it
I was wishin' and prayin'
But God never gave me
I had no bread in my pockets, mm
I was lookin' for a stain
I was that n***a they laughed at, mm
Now they wanna know my name
Now they wanna know the gang
I was down bad tryna make a way
When they asked me, "Are you okay?"
I say I'm just maintainin'
Evеry day another problem, like
I'm tryna prеvail, they want me to fail
N***a, I'm just bein' honest
I pop a Perc'
Gon' make me transform like I'm wearin' Omnitrix
Cir-Circle that block masked up, anonymous
It get spooky, it get ominous, oh-oh
New gun, can't wait to use it
Don't run, I get to boomin'
I got a baddie, she know how to move it
She off the 'Migos, let's go make a movie

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