Made a Wish Lyrics

26 Mic Lyrics

Look aye, I made a wish that I can be rich
Live a good life I can live
I hope that she don’t attached because I finna go and dip

And we call him 6ix9ine Jr. cuz he finna go and snitch
And all of my brothers they finna get lit
You know the pitch you know what it is

They always putting it on me
Told em shoe just like a flea
Man I had to keep it real and now they claiming that I’m mean
Man I always want the smoke just like the burning of a tree
You can’t believe you mess wit me I’ll put your face right on a tee

I don’t treat nobody special man I treat them equally
I be switching up the girls the same way I switch the beat
I ain’t talking bout Miami when I say I bring the heat
And I swear y’all stalk my page some of y’all be do some creeps

I gotta girl her name is Reagan Chase she lives right over the hills
I gotta another one her name Lari man she lives right over Brazil
And this one girl named Anjali she plays fortnite getting kills
There’s another one thought she the one but her snapscore’s over a mil

I don’t care what you say
I gotta people hating on me everyday
I got some people they really be hating ver since I was started it was 7th grade
They really be tripping they do not remember when I first started they throwing some shade

Only the OG’s remember I was Lil Mic then 26
Only the OG’s remember I was making songs wit Lz Grim
Man I still got people being hating say I suck and I should quit
But I put it on my life they ain’t gonna say that once I’m rich, Jhit

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