Lyritacity Lyrics

Quasimoto Lyrics

Yo, Yo
Check Ya Lyritacity...
Flows expand gradually...
Audio blasting this vocab audacity...
That's Lyritacity
...Yo, lyrical capacity
...Ya, Vocab audacity
...Yo, That's Lyritacity.

The one, two, three the triple threat
Left to leave a mess spread on ya set nonetheless
Yes we definitely, smoking heads of trees
Perspective slow, Roasting up the medical weeds
Meet the incredible
Legible, rhyming spectacle
Sent to set an epochal textual to ya skeletal
Yo defy Mike Tyson defense, bet I’m impregnable
The section that I send you to is somewhere quite obsessable
Lyrics by the plentiful, flowin throughout ya ventricles
Rappers edible, but to stay healthy I eat my vegetables
I would say its sensible, better for digestion
Listen to the lesson or get thrown into detention
The message that I mention, causes intervention to ya head
Try to shape ya into greater inventions
Bless him, although I didn’t sneeze
But I’m the sicker than the picture of the 3D’s on ya TV’s
Delusional, Deceptive, and Defiant
Dudes who move in silence is the wisest
Creep elusive, teach the science
Yo the world is full tyrants, tryna be the finest like Kobe Bryant's diamonds
Remind us who the guidance. Self-reliance
It's all in the mind, it's the bias that frys us
The eyes is what sights the righteous
But behind them eyes is what defines it
Nickel ya five senses to comply with life intention, minus the violence
Hold the mic with license to slice and dice up devices through the means of advices
Enticing with vices, I'm too nice to have my skills semi
Built ready to kill many novices
Dropping boxes of lyrical deadly toxins on imposters
Should probably see a doctor to dock ya
My basics balk/baulk the basis/bases of talkin up garbage, uncomplicated mantras
Taking offers with any K of dollars, psh block
Yo, This worth a mill, But yo, don't let the cost stop ya
O my gosh ya, o my gosh ya, I'm a monster
Soul shock ya, like a bad elctrician
The difference with this spit and tid bits of most:
My sh*t crisp and b***er, kids jelly for the toast

Got lyritacity...
Flows expand gradually...
Audio blasting this vocab audacity..
..That's lyritacity
...vocab audacity
...lyrical capacity
...that's lyritacity

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