??lush Lyrics

?greaf Lyrics

And I ain't alright
Y'all wouldn't know by the look in my eyes
When I fight, I fight for the night
Like the morning's my wife and the only thing giving me life
Life is a b*t*h
Swallow each day like I'm swallowing spit
Spit with the pa**ion that keeps me relaxin'
'Cause God only knows I ain't f**kin' with scripts
Scriptin' my story, plot is a medic
Character's blame 'cause I'm unempathetic
Pathetic as f**k when I'm pressin' my luck
By synthetically swearing, this climax prophetic
And a prophet ain't nothing without an ear
So y'all can quit making it clear
Clearing the space in my brain for the fear that's been piling up since
I'll disappear
Peer into nothing, my soul
Breeze hit the tеars on my cheeks and it's cold
Colder my shoulder, each yеar I grow older
Resuming my I wrote in my folder
Centrefold of the month got me blushing
All of the blood in my brain starts to rushin'
'Cause no real emotion exists in my body
Just instinct and habit that's keeping me lushing like

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