Lurkers at the Threshold Lyrics

7L & Esoteric Lyrics

Try to bite this
Catching ? like this
I'm the hypest
Weak a** brains cannot fight this
Plague, description of the virus is vague
It's airborne
And manifesting in a rare form
Of Miliaria
Wiping out your whole area
A deadly outbreak kid and I'm the carrier
Special teams start searching for a vaccine
Burning through your epidermis
Germ in your bloodstream
Ripping out your arteries and hemoglobin
An epidemic that's courtesy of Esoteric's raps
Who's the sickest cat
I think we all know the answer is
The Esoterrorist
and cancerous
Your phony flow fall victim to my polio
And Parkinson's got you buckin' like a rodeo
Start imaginin' my blood-borne pathogen
Travelin' through your ribcage to your abdomen
the humanoids and spoiled androids
I'm not responsible for loyal fan void
We give b*t*hes the slip like oil can boy
Or Freud
And leave sleepy Floyds destroyed

Prepare for war the
Dismantle all
snake handler
Controllin' the mic with my appendicular mandible
Kill the cats crab he an MC cannibal
Man-imal beastial cyborg celestial
Biotical anatomical

Set my sights for the kids that be lackin' on
Mental process
My lyrical prowess slays
Silly putty replicated MC
B***ered nuts
Suckers gutted and rutted
Battered and bloodied
You don't know the science?
You shoulda studied
We mastered the eye the astral projection
This is mental warfare
We kill with no detection

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